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The Story

"Charlie Hogan...

he's our biggest fan..."


In the 1980's From Good Homes created an amazing catalog of music and made thousands of devoted fans. Fans are not just fans...they are fanatics, and most will tell you, they are the biggest fan!

This story is driven by the music. From start to finish it highlights the incredible songs created by From Good Homes. This is the story of childhood friends Todd Sheaffer, Brady Rymer, and Patrick Fitzsimmons who came together in rural, Northwestern NJ to play some music. They picked up Dan Myers in 1988 and Jamie Coan in 1990 and the band From Good Homes was fully formed.

From black holes & taco stands to sharing the stage with some of their musical heros (including Bob Weir, Bob Dylan, David Crosby and David Bromberg, From Good Homes has built a community and provided the soundtrack. 

Through their amazing canon of music, and annual reunions concerts, From Good Homes continues to build a community of diehard fans. Beyond the story of the elusive record deal is the story of the fans. “Devoted fans who don’t just see an occasional show, but see every show possible, and become friendly with other diehards, and basically live for the music in a way that goes way beyond traditional fandom”. – Jay Lustig – Charlie Loves Our Band is the story of these dedicated fans, and the band that they love!

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