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What People are Saying...


“A warm, humane, caring and yet honest time-lapse "son a lumiere" into the lives of some fine musicians, the sum of whose parts were very obviously more than each of them added together.  The really touching thing for me was that, with the demise of the band in '99, none of those talented men went downhill, but rather found ways to impact the world, remain strong and use their skills, and come together again and again to express and feel the love that they had created over so many years”


“That was amazing! You nailed it. So well done, so fun! There was so much I hadn’t seen and heard before, it was such a pleasure to watch. Thank you!!!

“It left you feeling good. They love playing music together -- they've been doing it pretty much their whole life and it's still fun. But they also took a well-deserved, lengthy break and in doing so, found their own music. As I was watching, every now and then I'd have the fleeting thought of ‘What does Charlie loves our band have to do with it?’ And there it was, well played! How could you not be smiling by the end”?


“ Watching such a gentle groovy celebration…the movie was like a Sunday drive in the country that gathered a gentle centrifugal force – I loved the pacing so much. Celebrating an open-hearted bunch of ridiculously talented artists – it deserves a wider audience. Thank You”!

”The most treasured cultural experience I've had in years; no exaggeration ...! The expansive, candid, spirited conversations - and the extended sessions of the music; both enough to take in and deeply appreciate.  Haven't smiled and laughed as much in years”.

“A gem of a documentary about our good friends, the legendary band From Good Homes”.


“People laughed, danced in their seats, broke out in ovations. Thank you FGH, a singularly extraordinary band that built and sustained this incredible community”.

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